Our Brain is an Orchestra

Your Brain Is Like an Orchestra

“Our brain is an orchestra, with each area playing its own instrument alongside others.” 🎼🎻


Each line of music of a conductor’s sheet music represents a single instrument, just as each line on a qEEG recording corresponds to one area of the brain. Every instrument (and every area of the brain) are playing together to create one beautiful piece of music.
Just as a horn section may take the lead in the music while the percussion keeps rhythm, sometimes a certain area of our brain may do the hard work while the other parts idle, ready to come back in when they are needed. Sometimes the song of our brain is loud and fast, and sometimes it’s soft and slow. And just like an orchestra, sometimes certain areas of our brain may be playing out of tune or time, too loud or too quiet, or even a different song altogether! Neurofeedback is like the conductor that helps to tune their instrument, signals to them to slow down and keep time, keeps them on track to be an effective part of the band to create an amazing performance that is our life. 😊😊

Through reading and hearing our brain’s sheet music and making adjustments through neurofeedback, we can help create a more melodic, rhythmic and polished mind to perform to and amaze all audiences!” 🤗🤗

– Paul Moorhead, Brain Care Neurocoach

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